• Live Hip Hop @ Herb's Hideout on Sundays
    by Sara Benson
    Live Hip Hop @ Herb's Hideout on Sundays

    Live Hip Hop at Herb's Hideout on Sundays

    When: Sundays : 9:30 p.m. 

    Event Phone Number: 303-299-9555


    What better way to wind down your weekend then with live hip hop at Herb's on Sunday nights? Local talent is on hand to make you forget that the work week begins the next day. Besides, it's not like anything actually gets accomplished on Mondays, right? 

    Herb's brings the jazz, you bring the love. Yeah, we went there. Jazz and blues require nothing of the listener except the willing to relax, and Herb’s does a great job at doing just that. They have drink specials every night of the week while you listen to the nightly talent. Most nights there is a cover charge after 9 p.m., except for Wednesday nights in which Herb’s opens up their stage to local talent as their version of an "open mic night." They are located in LoDo just a few blocks from Coors Field (Go Rockies!), which makes parking a challenge (Because the Rockies are so cool and popular), but the experience is well worth it.