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Bar & Grill, Karaoke, Neighborhood


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(303) 778-1560


Sobo 151 is a Czech bar and grill in a historical Denver neighborhood where sports enthusiasts, (with a focus on the Colorado Avalanche, hockey, futbol(soccer) and football), karaoke singers, trivia fans, people from all over the world, diners, socializers, pool players and everyone else can enjoy.

Sobo 151 offers a bar area, dining space, pool room and patio. The bar and dining area is wonderful for casual diners or just hanging out with friends. It also features a small stage for karaoke nights and the occasional band. The walls are adorned with hockey and soccer memorabilia and HDTVs, but in a way that does not overly say "sports bar". The pool room features 3 bar size tables, and a Pac-Man multi-game cocktail table(over 30 early 80's games, including Donkey Dong, Dig Dug, Galaga). If you need a place to hang out with friends, shoot some pool, eat something good and catch a game, our pool room is it.

Our menu is best known for our traditional Czech cuisine, such as Schnitzel, Svickova, Roast Duck, Chicken Paprika and Apple Strudel, but people still love our burgers, kaisers, appetizers, and other non-Czech items.

The bar has everything one might need, but the drink of choice is the draft Pilsner Urquell and Czechvar, the original Budweiser. Czech favorites also include some tasty and unique liqueurs like Becherovka(herbal with clove hints), and Slivovice(plum brandy). These liqueurs are not available in your average bar.
daily specials

Monday$3 Czechvar, $4 Jager, $3 Vodka Tonic
Tuesday$2.50 Miller Lite Draft
$4 Three Olives Vodkas
Wednesday$3 Molson, $4 Washington Apples, $3 Rum and coke
ThursdayKaraoke @ 9:30pm
$2.50 Miller High Life, $3 Gin 'n' Tonic, $2 Kamikaze

Friday$3 Molson Canadian, $3 Vodka Tonic, $4 Micheal Collins Irish Whiskey
SaturdayKaraoke @ 9:30pm
$3.50 Long Island Iced Tea, $2.50 PBR Bottles, $2 Kamis
Sunday$3 Pilsner Urquell, $2 Mimosas, $4 Jameson